Our Team

Stable Life is run by a voluntary Board made up of customers and local professional people interested in all of the work that we do at the centre.


Staff & Board Members.

Our team have many years combined practice experience in social work, looked after and accommodated children, family support, community learning and development as well as training and facilitating hard to reach young people and all have valued knowledge and significant practical experience of horses including a qualified Horse Instructor and Equine Behavioural Consultant.

Board of Directors
We have a Board of Directors whose roles are to be the overall governing body of Stable Life. Their responsibilities include overseeing the organisation’s legal compliance (charity and company law), its strategic direction, its policies, finances, property and service delivery.
Equine Centre Team
Our Centre team are all friendly, experienced and qualified. They are responsible for the wealth fare of our horses and will be your point of contact when you arrive at the centre.

Stable Life

Board Members

  • Anne Isles | Chair
  • Doug Forsyth | Vice Chair
  • Edith Scott | Director
  • Lady Sal Strang Steel | Director
  • Paula Clark | Director
  • Emma Hutchison | Director
  • Paul Tomlinson | Director
  • Wilma Burgon | Director
  • Leslie Gill | Treasurer

Management Team

Mags Powell


Mags is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation and has been part of Stable Life for over 10 years gaining a lot of knowledge of issues affecting young people. She has built up a wealth of experience in all aspects of Business Development and leading the organisation and provides support to the Project Team. Prior to Stable Life she has had several years’ experience of managing various projects in the private, public and voluntary sector.

Mags has managed a number of groups of staff involved in a variety of projects and has experience of budget control through these projects. She has a BA in Business Studies, wide knowledge of IT, excellent organisational and communications skills.

Management Team

Sam Anderson

Equine Director

In 2015 Sam took over the management of the Equine Centre at Stable Life and is responsible for the day-to-day aspects of running the Centre and supports the Centre’s staff and volunteers. Previous to this she was a Project Worker for over 7 years. She worked at Dryden Riding Centre where she was taught as a child and has over 21 years’ experience working with horses/teaching and up-skilling adults and young people as well as providing tuition for local pony and riding clubs.

She has stage 1 and 2 BHS qualifications and Level 1 equine coaching qualification. Has experience of schooling and bring on horses of all shapes and sizes and has a wealth of experience competing on her own horse as well as others over the years mostly Dressage, Show Jumping and cross- country.

Project Team

Carol Foreman

Project Worker

Carol has been with Stable Life since 2014 and prior to this has many years’ experience supporting young people including working in residential care, a behaviour support assistant in school, has completed a Cert HE (open) in supporting young people, has experience in working in an adolescent secure unit.

She is also a qualified BHSAI and completed an NC in Horse Management, Also has experience in holding the post of a Stable yard manager, managing staff and responsibility of running a yard.

Project Team

Helen Hermiston

Project Worker

Helen joined Stable in 2014. Within Stable Life, Helen devised and implemented our Environmental programme where our young people learn rural skills such as building bird boxes, landscaping and growing vegetables. Prior to Stable Life Helen worked in the Health Care environment for many years which included being part of the School Nursing Team where she gained a lot of knowledge of issues effecting young people. She is a horse owner and is very experienced and knowledgeable with horses.

Project Team

Lesley Hogg

Project Worker

Lesley has worked as a project worker for Stable Life for a number of years. She has experience in counselling and is also very experienced and knowledgeable in working with horses, young people and their families.

Within Stable Life, Lesley devised and implemented our Life Skills programme incorporating wellbeing, nutrition and self-care to the young people we support.

Project Team

Vanessa Henderson

Volunteer Co-Ordinator

Vanessa has worked as family learning worker and also has many years’ experience working with vulnerable young people through transition and preparing young people to get ready for work.

She is actively involved in local equine events and has many years’ experience working with ponies and on local equine committees. Vanessa joined Stable Life as a Project Worker in 2009 and has gained a lot of experience supporting our young people.

Part of her remit was to recruit, train and look after our volunteers and in 2017 Vanessa took on the role of Volunteer Co-ordinator focusing her time on our volunteers.

Project Team

Alison Rowan

Project Worker

Alison joined Stable Life at the end of November 2016. Prior to this Alison was acting Senior Social Worker in the Scottish Borders Council.  Alison has over 20 years’ experience supporting young people and their families. Alison is also very experienced and knowledgeable with horses and is a registered Equine Behavioural Consultant.

Equestrian Yard Team

Natalie Crombie

Natalie has worked as a Yard Assistant for Stable Life for a number of years. She is very experienced and knowledgeable with horses. She has gained SVQ Horse Care Levels 1,2 & 3 and was Equine Learner of the Year Runner Up in 2015.

Equestrian Yard Team

Jo Swantson

Yard Assistant

Jo is a keen horsewoman and joined Stable Life in 2015. She is a very accomplished rider at Event level Intro and also recipient of the Catriona Arres training grant for promising rider 2014. Jos has lots of hands on knowledge and experience working with horses and differing client groups as well as experience taking out hacks, helping with yard and helping with lessons BHS level 1 whilst at Dryden Riding centre.

Equestrian Yard Team

Jenna Pringle

Yard Assistant

Jenna joined the team in 2016. Prior to this she studied at Edinburgh Napier University where she gained a Bsc. Sport and Exercise Science with Honours. She has a passion for horses and is a keen horse rider with over 17 years’ experience of riding, including participating in the local ride-outs. Jenna looks after our Tiny Trotters and other keen riders.

Vacancies & volunteering

We have a number of volunteers who bring a variety of skills to our organisation. Do you have time to spare, enjoy young people, horses and would like to get out into the fresh air?

Why not volunteer and become a helper with Stable Life, if you are interested in volunteering and the volunteering opportunities we have available, download our volunteers pack today or fill in the details below and we can post the pack to your address instead!


Full name*:
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You’ll receive access to our volunteer training programme and have the opportunity to bring a sense of achievement to vulnerable Borders youngsters.

We are looking for volunteers with a drive to do more!

  • Assisting with weekly sessions, supporting the young people as they work around the ponies and during the riding element
  • Maintenance and ground work
  • Special skills that would engage the children like outdoor crafts, music, art etc
  • Yard work assisting in the daily routines associated with the care of the horses
  • Transporting the children to and from the weekly sessions ( Across the Borders to Dryden Farm)
  • Administration/IT
  • Team building events
  • Competitions and events
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