Hoofbeats Club

“Hoofbeats” is a unique Friday afternoon activity for pupils aged 7 and over where you can enter a world of ponies, fun, enjoyment and learning!

Hoofbeat members will be encouraged to enjoy spending time learning to understand ponies, learning to care and look after them through a range of activities, gain new skills, earn proficiency certificates/rosettes, whilst making new friends and getting fit!


When & where?

Hoofbeats runs every friday afternoon from 2.00pm to 4.00pm during school term time. Sessions are held at Stable Life, Dryden Farm near Ashkirk.

Places are restricted and to secure a place complete the form below. Cost will be £30.00 per session with a initial joining fee of £15.00.

Sessions will be payable unless you phone to cancel.

For queries call: 01750 32208 or Carra: 07584 232544

Email – Carra Baker carrabaker@stablelife.org.uk

Stable life is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Registered in Scotland No. 335170. Scottish charity No. SC011786.


Hoofbeats Registration on Form 2018/2019

(Please fill all appropriate boxes)

Name of child*:
Telephone #*:
Date of birth:
Weekly or Fortnightly:
Name of Parent/Carer:
Disability or medical conditions:

Details of any disability or medical conditions which staff should be aware of in case of emergency

Health and Safety:

Please read and confirm:

Stable Life keeps Health and Safety at the forefront of all activities and recognises that riding and working with horses is considered a medium risk activity. We will do everything we can to ensure your safety and we rely on your input and support to achieve our aims, especially parents/carers of young children, volunteers and riders.

No one should attempt any aspects of riding or work around the stables without initial induction on training and specific instruction relating to the activity. Children must adhere to instructions.

The Stables Are Licensed by the Local Authority and We Have Full Public and Employers Liability Insurance.

Please confirm that you accept that all riding and volunteering activities on our site are carried out at your own risk and that you will support our Health and Safety procedures.

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