& Supporters

Stable Life is incredibly grateful for all the amazing support we receive. Our funders, supporters and volunteers provide a brilliant service and without this vital support, we would not be able to provide our service.


Thank you from us all

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us, whether that help came via a financial donation, materials or a generous gifting of time and skills. We are very, very thankful. Financial sponsors below.

  • Anne Cranston – Broomhill Farm
  • Mark Arres
  • Johnathon Ravenscroft
  • Samantha Keating
  • Wendy & Mark Gilbert
  • William Ramsay
  • Eileen Hutchison
  • Malvinn Fenty
  • Lorraine Robertson
  • Alan Drysdale
  • Emily Parker
  • Dave Beaton
  • Mary Laurie
  • Karen McLean
  • Susan Allison
  • Tesco Kilt Walkers
  • Staff at RBS, Selkirk Branch
  • Ewan McDougal
  • Jo Arres
  • Christine Finlayson
  • Sean Malone
  • Mr & Mrs D Edwards
  • Charles Humphries
  • Susan White
  • Virginia Grant
  • John Lamont MSP
  • Karen Orr
  • Douglas Heatlie
  • Beth McDonald
  • Jill Gunter
  • Eileen Hutchison
  • Grant Ballantyne
  • Candy Rafferty
  • Mr & Mrs Taylor-Smith
  • Peter Scott
  • Edith Scott
  • Pam and Caitlin Stewart
  • Susan Heatley
  • Martine Pow
  • Ian Gillespie
  • Ian Burke
  • Claire Henderson
  • Jim Harold
  • Guy Blair & Team
  • Jacqueline Aglen
  • Grant Kinghorn

Missed out?

We are incredibly appreciative of all the help we’ve received and do our best to include everyone. We do apologies if we have missed anyone, if you would like to be added, send us and email and let us know!

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