Referral Guidance

Referrals are invited on behalf of vulnerable children and young people, aged between 10 to 18 years of age, who are experiencing a mix of complex social, emotional and behavioural issues.

What you need to know

  1. These guidelines accompany Stable Life’s Referral Form and are intended for any agency, professional, young person or parent/carer wishing to make a referral to Stable Life on behalf of a young person who requires support.
  2. Before referring a young person please ensure that their needs meet the referral criteria for Stable Life. Additional details can be found further on in this document.
  3. It is compulsory that permission from parents/carers/young people has been acquired before making contact with Stable Life regarding this referral.
  4. In order to place a young person with Stable Life it is paramount that our most up to date Referral Form is completed in full and as accurately as possible. The quality and quantity of information supplied with the referral will have a significant effect on the likelihood of the young person being found a suitable service. It is very important that full details of names, dates of birth, addresses and ethnicity are completed.
  5. To avoid delay and to keep you up to date with the progress of the referral please be specific about your contact details.
  6. Access to any of our services will depend on the individual need of the young person including priority, age, location, referral criteria and availability of service. Because of the high demand for the services we provide we have to prioritise young people with the highest needs. Comprehensive completion of this form aids Stable Life in determining a young person’s priority level. This includes details of any work you, or any other agency, are involved in with the young person and/or their family. Details about what positive outcomes you are hoping to achieve through our services is essential.
  7. Once you have made a referral we will look at the information you have provided in the referral form and decide from this if the young person would benefit from our service. If the decision is to proceed with the referral a member of staff will contact you regarding further action. If no service is available at this current time the young person will be placed on a waiting list until a place arises and you will be kept informed.
  8. We will endeavour to keep referring agencies, parents/carers and young people up to date with developments, progress and recommendations as and when they happen.
  9. On completion of the Referral Form please sign, date and return it along with any relevant information to Stable Life, Dryden Farm, Ashkirk, Selkirk, TD7 4NT If you have any queries regarding any aspect of the Referral Form please contact the office on 01750 32277 or email

Referral Criteria

Current funded referrals are invited on behalf of vulnerable children and young people, aged between 10 to 18 years of age, who are experiencing social, emotional and behavioural issues. Stable Life is a specialist issue-based service offering tailored support for particular periods of difficulty rather than long-term assistance. A piece of work, targeted towards specific issues, may be carried out in isolation or as part of a multi-agency care plan. This usually takes place over a period of approximately 6 months after which a review will take place. A continued offer of service may be proposed at our discretion.

As a charitable organisation, funding for our services is outcome driven. Therefore it is necessary that referrals reflect the criteria predetermined by our funders unless you are independently commissioning us to carry out a piece of work.

If a young person does not fit this criteria (i.e. too young or too old or a more intensive support is required) we can provide a paid provision to support the young person. Further information on this is available by contacting the main office on 01750 32277.

Waiting List Procedure

  1. Ideally, Stable Life would not wish to operate a waiting list, aspiring to provide prompt service to those in need. However, given the demand for our service, a waiting list exists.

  2. Stable Life operates a waiting list for a service which is managed via an assessment of need. Wherever possible the length of time on the waiting list will be taken into consideration.

  3. All referring agencies will receive notification that the young person has been initially accepted onto the waiting list within 10 working days of receipt of the referral form. Further eligibility assessment will then take place.

  4. Stable Life’s Project Team has overall responsibility for the waiting list and project workers will undertake an assessment of need including a home visit for each individual young person requiring a service.

  5. Whilst priority is given to that in need, provision of service is based on funding and project worker availability and so immediate provision of service may not be possible.

  6. The waiting list is regularly reviewed. All referring agencies who have requested a young person be considered for a service and have been on the waiting list for more than 6 months will receive a letter. This will request agencies to confirm by letter or phone the young person’s current situation and whether they need to remain on the waiting list. Referring agencies are required to respond within three weeks of the date of the letter. If no response is received, the young person will be removed from the waiting list.

  7. When approached for an initial assessment and service provision, if a young person or parent/carer refuses the service, their reasons will be considered and where possible they can request to remain on the waiting list to be offered a service at a later date.

  8. This means that a young person will not receive further direct offers of service from Stable Life until the parent/carer or referring agency gets back in touch.

Stable Life is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Registered in Scotland No: 335170. Scottish charity No: SCO11786

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