Meet our horses

Here at Stable Life we are extremely proud of our horses.
They are all unique and special in their own little way…
so let’s say ‘hello’ to them.


Vote for your favourite!

Who is your favourite of Stable Life’s well-loved horse? From Marcus to Rosie, let us know your favourite by casting your vote below.

  • Ben

    Ben is the most adorable wee cob gelding and is 13.2hh. He is very sensible and giving, safe as houses, takes everything in his stride, always has a smile on his face and is always looking for titbits!
  • Billy

    Billy is a cob gelding and is 14.2hh. - Hello Hi - He is a very safe sensible boy who really helps out riders who have never ridden before or lost confidence but also who loves to hack and is in his element jumping!
  • Danny

    Danny’s our handsome, very much knows his job pony whose breeding is an unknown but looks like welsh/cob standing at about 12.2hh. He is a real character in the field and enjoys a bit fun and games with his pals!
  • Darcie

    Darcie is a very glamorous Irish sports horse standing at 16hh. She is the sweetest mare and while she is very quiet and sensible she gives people the feel for riding a bigger more forward going horse. Her best friend is Myrtel and as they are both black, together they make a very striking pair.
  • Harry

    Harry is a welsh gelding and is 13.2hh. Although not very big he is very much boss of the field and is always first in for breakfast. He is a firm favorite with many of the children who like to do a bit more and has been there done that got the t-shirt!
  • Lachie

    Lachie is a 15hh Highland gelding and for such a big boy is the gentlest, cuddliest pony you could ever wish to meet. He is a very special boy who always gives his all and as well as doing his job has started to do a bit of competing and is showing great promise!
  • Maddy

    We are delighted to welcome Maddy to our team! She is an absolute sweetheart. 11.2h, grey 6yr old mare ticks all the boxes for everything we are looking for here at Stable Life. I’m sure you will give her a big warm welcome when you next visit the yard.
  • Marcus

    Marcus is a 14hh Highland/Thoroughbred gelding. He is the most genuine, kind and straightforward pony who gives 150% at all times. He is a real confidence giver and is very good at teaching his riders a bit more about flat work.
  • Misty

    Misty-Sue is a Welsh Section A mare and stands at about 11hh. She is a gorgeous, very versatile pony and enjoys her work on and off the lead rein especially playing games!
  • Paddy

    Paddy is a 14hh, 11 year old coloured cob. He is a lovely boy who loves to have lots of cuddles and attention from everyone he meets! His most favourite things are hacking, playing games and of course food! He is a really gentle boy and loves all his horsey pals but his best friend is Ben who he shares a shed with and even sleeps cuddling into him!
  • Pandora

    Pandora is registered with the Spotted Pony Society and is the smallest of our four legged friends at under 11hh. She is the cutest wee girl and a big favorite with our Tiny Trotters who adore cuddling her!
  • Rosalin

    Rosalin is a 14.2hh highland mare and a bit of a Dressage Diva. She has old head on young shoulders and can turn her hoof to anything and is a fantastic all –rounder who regularly competes at local level and is very talented!
  • Rose

    Rose is a 14hh Highland mare who is the sweetest kindest pony and a real confidence giver. She can be a little lazy but equally with the more experienced rider can go up a gear and when given a treat gives you a paw!
  • Seamus

    Seamus is a 15.2hh Irish Cob gelding. He is a real fun character who loves to please and enjoys every aspect of his work and is always very pleased to see everyone and has a real playful nature. He loves getting away to competitions too and enjoys showing off and showing us all what he can do!
  • Smartie

    Smartie is our newest addition to our lovely four legged gang. She is a 13hh new forest pony and as you can see from the picture is the most beautiful colour. Smartie is the sweetest wee girl and loves to be fussed over,  groomed and adored and really enjoys her work. She is a fantastic all-rounder but her most favourite things are probably jumping and hacking.
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